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máquina de pirólisis de neumáticos de desecho Fabricante que posee una planta de demostración de 2000 m2

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Tyre pyrolysis machine

above picture is the waste tire to furnace oil pyrolysis machine layout , we also have waste oil to diesel machine need three links:

first link: waste tire plastic to furnace oil pyrolysis machine

second link: waste oil distillation machine to get diesel

third link : oil decolor and smelling removing machine. this layout is mainly introduce the waste tire/plastic to furnace oil machine

First: Tyre feeding system

1. Auto feeder is our national patent device. the reason to invent this mahcine is trying to improve the production efficiency.

2. loading 10 tons waste whole tires by 2-3 hours,by manpower need 6-7 hours.

3. using hydraulic pressure can compress the waste tire smaller which can laod more quantity tires.

4.this machine also remove the steel wire from the reactor automatically.

5. no need wait the reactor cool , directly load the tires next batch.

6. safety device for workers no need inside the reactor when loading.



reactor is a key part for pyrolysis machine.

1. material used, Q245 Rboiler plate 16mm thickenss service life is 500-600 batches, Q345R boiler plate 16mm thickness service life is 650-700 batches. Q345R boiler plate with stainless plate is 2600-2800 batches

2. reactor design directly lead the machine whether safey, evnironmental aspect, whether easirer for workers operate, energy saving.

3. expereience: a car also need a good driver, machine is also same, the rich experienced engineer can install , testing, training. our reactor design is from us so we know why we deisgn like this, if u care for the

after sales service, this is very important aspect consider. our oil refining start since 1993.

Third:Vacuum system
 vacuum device another name is the negative pressure device , it is our anther important patent device.

1. keep reactor working under normal pressure device.

2. save heating fuel cost.

3. avoid smelling leakage from the reactor.

4. clean the catalyst when distillation machine



 features : Condenser using the heating exchange working principle , during the whole process the water is circulating water and always cool temperature

low frequence maintenance to clean the condenser

vertical condenser and horizontal condenser is matched by customer the specific requirement. this is flexible configuration as per customer.

condenser is the key aspect to decide the oil rate u use.

Choosing a efficient cooling system is very important


Welcome to contact us
 2000 square meters big demo running plant factory for checking. seeing is believing.

no matter how good when chat online, trust your eyes u see. everybody said our machine is best, but there are different quality level in this market. welcome to check.

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